Bohemian Paradise Bohemian Paradise Bohemian Paradise
Národní park MljetNationalpark MljetPark narodowy Mljet

National Park Mljet

West part of island is very broken. Because luxuriant vegeration, various fauna and rich cultural legacy is a third of island from year 1960 National Park. National park includes lakes: Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, bay Soline, part of coast with near islands and villages Polace, Pomena and Govedari. Both lakes are connecting with sea via two narrow false channels. Sea’s tide makes strong sea circulation, which is drive by water mills. Veliko Lake has surface 145 ha and max depth is 46m. St. Marija with benediction monastery from 12th century is situated at south part of island. Surface of Malo jezero has surface 24 ha and max depth is 29,5m. Because low circulation is temperature of water in lakes about 4 degrees higher than in the sea, in the winter time is about 8 degree lower. Oysters are in both lakes. It is forbidden to swim in lakes. Cruises are possible.

Black Monk monasrety
Hag by Sobra
Sight-seeing boat

Small island on Big lake
Sight of island
Odyseova zátoka

Old bridge
Rocky coast

Small lake
Sutmihol bay

Bohemian Paradise Bohemian Paradise Bohemian Paradise